All Saints’ Collaborative Art Project

The  Upper School Art Department and the Fab Lab of Innovation at All Saints Episcopal School of Tyler, Texas collaborated on a fascinating project. In the words of Gale Lassiter, art teacher at All Saints,

“The design was created by the art Department for 2019-2020.  The Fab Lab laser cut the wood panels and the Trojan Head.  Students in the art department, 2-D and 3-D, hand painted the black lines needed to detail the design on the acrylic blue mascot head. All of the art students, both 2-D and 3-D copied the yearbook pictures of every student and teacher for that year span and reproduced their eyes onto the wood panels with pencil and paint. The wood panels were then attached to the green painted board in a brick style fashion by the art students.. The Trojan Head was placed on top.  Underneath the head were LED colored lights. If the viewer looks close, they can see the words our students and teachers strive to live by here at ASES.  Using the laser cutter, the Fab lab burned the words, Wisdom, Trust, Faith, Love, and Honor onto additional wood panels.  If the viewer looks close, they can find the words underneath the Mascot’s head. Our symbol of the Flame and the cross is also proudly presented. The Fab Lab and Innovation department then cut and framed the piece with laser cut green acrylic. Many Fine Art Departments are not sure how to receive the new laser and 3-D printing, or how to use these new innovative tools in their Fine Art  Departments. What is the old saying, ‘If you can’t beat them, Join them’, well that is what we are trying to do here at All Saints. With Innovation and Collaboration, the Fine Art Department and The Center for Innovation’s Fab Lab, worked together to create a beautiful, meaningful, and fun work of Art. This installation represents the students and teachers of All Saints Episcopal Upper School, and proudly hangs in the Student Center For Innovation for all the school to enjoy. We have such support from our Head of School, Mike Cobb, who also got into the action with his daughter, Cailey. They worked on the final framing and the addition of the LED lights, during the pandemic.”

Congratulations, All Saints, on having such creative art and design programs and students!

3 thoughts on “All Saints’ Collaborative Art Project

  1. This was a great and fun collaboration. Every student in Innovation, and the Fine Art Department had the opportunity to be become involved. I love the way the picture with Mr. Cobb shows him Pondering, as he loves to do, and asks his teachers to do as well. Our school is so fortunate to have the head of our school understanding how Innovation and Fine Art can collaborate to create something meaningful for the whole school. After all, Innovation and Visual Fine Arts both use Critical and Creative Thinking to make visions happen.


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