New Show up in the University Center at UT Tyler

This East Texas Art Community article was written by Joshua Crockett, a Fall 2020 University of Texas at Tyler Intern at the Tyler Museum of Art. The lesson plan was edited by Derek Frazier, the Tyler Museum of Art Interpretation Manager.

Last spring Dr. Magnusen, Assistant Professor of Art History at UT Tyler, curated a show alongside Dr. Kyle Gullings, Associate Professor of Music at UT Tyler. This show was the third annual collaboration of its kind at UT Tyler, pairing art students with music students to make work in conjunction with one another. Each piece was to be made in collaboration with its counterpart, as the pairs of students met regularly starting in the previous fall to bounce ideas off of one another. The artwork created by the art students was installed in the FAC Gallery that march and stayed up for the duration of the show. Unfortunately there was never a reception and few people had the opportunity to see the work because students returned home to complete their courses online around the same time. Now the artwork that came out of this collaboration is on display on the 3rd floor of the UT Tyler University Center allowing everyone another opportunity to see this awesome show!

Left: Justin Rives, Passed Essence Middle: Laminda Miller, We Meet In The Middle Right: Lauren Alexander, Crush
Joshua Crockett, Transform

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