TMA Education Blog: Archive

The Education Blog contains a variety of educational resources, lesson plans, and informational posts about art events. The following archive system will help you find specific posts. Dates by Month Click on each date to see the posts made in each month: Categories Click on the categories to see specific posts: Tag List Click onContinue reading “TMA Education Blog: Archive”

2021 Middle School: Día de los Muertos Exhibition

Every year, the Tyler Museum of Art holds a student exhibition for middle school students in the East Texas area. The goal of the exhibition is for middle school students to learn about the cultural festivities of Día de los Muertos. Then, the students create artworks that exhibits the cultural iconography of the holiday. WhenContinue reading “2021 Middle School: Día de los Muertos Exhibition”

Middle School Day of the Dead

This year we had more than 500 students participate in our Annual Day of the Dead Celebration. Their work varied from carefully rendered drawings of loved ones to elaborate altars made to celebrity singers, actors, and artists. Here are a few pictures from this unique exhibit. A video of the entire show can be seenContinue reading “Middle School Day of the Dead”

Day of the Dead Artwork Now on Display

Did you know the TMA has more than 650 pieces of Mexican folk art in its collection? A lot of this amazing artwork celebrates the Day of the Dead coming up at the end of this month, and you can see some of these rare and unusual works of art in our lobby case rightContinue reading “Day of the Dead Artwork Now on Display”

Our first big school event, Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is a fun, family-based Mexican holiday. Although it is celebrated around the same time as Halloween, instead of spooky trick-or-treats it is a time to honor family members and friends who have passed away. Altars are built to honor the dead, food and treats are left in cemeteries for them, andContinue reading “Our first big school event, Day of the Dead”