TMA Education Blog: Archive

The Education Blog contains a variety of educational resources, lesson plans, and informational posts about art events. The following archive system will help you find specific posts. Dates by Month Click on each date to see the posts made in each month: Categories Click on the categories to see specific posts: Tag List Click onContinue reading “TMA Education Blog: Archive”

Color Theory: History and Art

Source for image: The Color Theory: History and Art lesson provides Kindergarten, Middle School, and High School Teachers TEKS, student objectives, questions, art history, and studio art activities. The goal of this lesson is for students to learn about color theory, and create their own color wheel and still life. If you use orContinue reading “Color Theory: History and Art”

Lesson Plan: Coreen Spellman, ‘Spellman’s Lithographs’

Figure 1: Coreen Spellman, Weighing Station #2, Krum, Texas, 1947, Lithograph, 12 inches X 9.75 inches, Tyler Museum of Art, Tyler Texas. Figure 2: Coreen Spellman, El Campo Santo, San Jose, New Mexico, 1955, Lithograph, 8.75 inches X 12.374 inches, Tyler Museum of Art, Tyler Texas. Figure 3: Coreen Spellman, Harlequin, ca. 1947, Lithograph, 12Continue reading “Lesson Plan: Coreen Spellman, ‘Spellman’s Lithographs’”

Elements and Principles of Design

(Title Image Credit: The Tyler Museum of Art contains artwork that exemplifies the elements and principles of design. This lesson discusses how selected artworks from the permanent collection exhibit each elements and principle of design. If you use or reference this lesson plan, please leave a comment with your feedback. The lesson plan canContinue reading “Elements and Principles of Design”

Tyler Museum of Art Newsletter: September 2021

If you read or download this newsletter, please leave a comment with your feedback. The newsletter can be downloaded in the link below. Exhibitions Coreen Spellman Exhibition: Works on Paper The Coreen Spellman Exhibition will present Coreen Spellman’s works on paper that display abstract landscapes and unique uses of shape, line, and monochromatic tones. TheContinue reading “Tyler Museum of Art Newsletter: September 2021”

Lesson Plan: Otis Lumpkin’s “The Yellow Fireplug”

(Otis Lumpkin, The Yellow Fireplug, 1963, oil on canvas, 20 inches X 24 inches, Tyler Museum of Art, Tyler, Texas.) This lesson plan contains the Texas TEKS for Elementary, Middle, and High School art teachers. The lesson discusses the use of figures and architecture to create a specific mood. If you use or reference this lessonContinue reading “Lesson Plan: Otis Lumpkin’s “The Yellow Fireplug””

One of Our Brightest Stars

This is eye-catching painting is “Wheatfield with Woods and Wanderer- Silent Wood” by Gregory Horndeski. Its vibrant colors are done with acrylics on linen, mounted on Masonite. Around the frame is A. Dvorak’s “Silent Woods” Opus 68 No. 5 for cello and piano. You can watch a short description of this painting on our YouTubeContinue reading “One of Our Brightest Stars”

Ode to East Texas: Paintings by Lee Jamison

For the past several decades, Lee Jamison has traveled around capturing the people and places that make East Texas so unique. His impressionistic paintings spotlight subjects ranging from picturesque pastures to iconic downtowns. Grouped together in this exhibition, Jamison’s work celebrates the essence and mystique of the region. It will be open until February 7,Continue reading “Ode to East Texas: Paintings by Lee Jamison”

Day of the Dead Artwork Now on Display

Did you know the TMA has more than 650 pieces of Mexican folk art in its collection? A lot of this amazing artwork celebrates the Day of the Dead coming up at the end of this month, and you can see some of these rare and unusual works of art in our lobby case rightContinue reading “Day of the Dead Artwork Now on Display”

From the Vault: Selections from the Art Museum of Southeast Texas

Organized by the Tyler Museum of Art, From the Vault: Works from the Art Museum of Southeast Texas  will be on view Sunday, September 13 through November 29. The exhibition features a variety of works by contemporary Texas artists from the Art Museum of Southeast Texas’ Permanent Collection. The works are diverse and include drawings, mixed-media collages,Continue reading “From the Vault: Selections from the Art Museum of Southeast Texas”